30 day workout review!

Published April 6, 2013 by crysbookreviews

I know this isn’t what I normally post for reviews but I decided the easiest way to get me to continually do this workout is by reviewing. Yea I am that big of a nerd but at least I am one that is trying to have a healthier lifestyle. So my diet buddy, Sonia and I decided to do a 30 day workout to help us get more in shape at the same time help assist us in losing weight. So she found and texted me the site on what we are doing now.  Now what I am doing seems pretty easy reading it but doing it, much more difficult.  Now it is only a Monday through Friday workout. We decided it was best to leave our weekends alone ONLY because we are both married and I only get 2 weekends with my hubby as it is. So the exercise that we are supposed to do daily is:






If you click on any of the pics, they will lead you back to her blog. Now I plan on doing the daily questions that she has on there as well as what I think is happening. I took my measurements the day before we started this and they were 34 for left leg, 33 for right leg, 14 for left arm, 13 for right arm, 42 for chest, 40 for tummy, and 44 for butt. I also weighed in at 199.2 lbs. So in 30 days, which by the way we are counting as 30 days Monday through Friday so are last day is the 5th of April instead of March 25. My answers to the questions are going to be in bold.

Day 1:  How would you rate your level of energy 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. And post your stats. Now it is my first day and I can say my energy levels are probably normally a 4 maybe 5. Today I am wide awake and ready to face the day even though I don’t go to work until 11:30 am EST. And it is only 9am EST right now. I think I would probably say after the work out I am at a 6 so far.

Day 2: What are your top 5 workout songs that you listen to? Now I haven’t been exercising long so I am still trying to figure out what music gets me pumped but so far I love Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger (What doesn’t kill you) and Jessie J Domino. I am pretty sure there are some Rhianna songs that I will love to work out to and some Lady Gaga ones too I think I am going to go with a whole girl theme for music to help me out.

Day 3: Which part of your body is your trouble spot?

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