Book Review Policy


Every review that I do is based on my own personal opinion. I do my own reviews, I may have a guest blogger but those opinions are based on that person. Each review has the name of the book and the authors name and the Goodreads information. I rate the books based on my opinion once again,and the ratings go as:

5 stars– I loved it and will reread it again!

4 stars– I really enjoyed it.

3 stars– I enjoyed it.

2 stars– I liked it a little bit.

1 stars– I didn’t like it at all.

0 stars– I really really didn’t like it.

I post my reviews on Goodreads, Barnes and Noble and my blog. I also tweet about each review I do and send that out. I get my books from Netgalley or Barnes and Noble and ARCs. I will read either paperback, hardback or Epub’s for my Nook.

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