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Rivals and Retribution by Shannon Delany (13 to life #5)

Published September 18, 2012 by crysbookreviews

Rivals and Retribution by Shannon Delany (13 to Life #5)

In Rivals and Retribution, the fifth book in the 13 to Life series by Shannon Delany, Pietr and Jessie will find themselves caught in a pack war with a new breed of werewolves.

Jessie Gillmansen is in trouble again and she’s in for the fight of her life–and Pietr’s! With Marlaena’s dangerous wolf pack putting more pressure on the Rusakova family, change is inevitable and when it comes, it brings a heavy price that forces Alexi into action to save his youngest brother’s heart, head, and life. In the stunning conclusion of this celebrated paranormal series two werewolf families fight for control of the small town of Junction, control of each other and–most elusive of all–control of themselves. From Goodreads.

Now I didn’t realize that this was it for the series until not too long ago. I am quite sad to see the characters go to be honest with you. But I am pretty sure that Shannon will continue to write books and publish them so I know that I will fall in love with some of her other characters!

Poor Jessie and Pietr!! I feel like that is not said enough, they go through soooooo much to be together and this book is no exception. It begins with Jessie being kidnapped by Marlaena’s group and it gets worse from there. I mean I didn’t think there was much more that could happen to them so when they got Jessie back, and they found out that the antidote didn’t actually hold, well all hell broke loose.

Marlaena’s pack is staying with the Rusakova pack and apparently something HUGE happens between Pietr and Marlaena. Yea I am not telling you what it is exactly but there were times that I thought I might cry, okay I lied I totally sobbed because of everything, I honestly don’t think Jessie got a lot of credit for being an awesome heroine. She was loving and tough and smart. She cared about everyone’s feelings and didn’t want anything bad to happen to anyone even Marlaena after everything she did to her.

The ending of the book was just what I wanted it to be and I am pretty sure that if it ended any other way, I would have been fuming. Now I am not going to lie, the very last of it I am not sure what that meant so don’t ask me. But I am pretty sure it wasn’t good. Yea it was a very good and confusing ending. Nothing like keeping the reader on their toes, Shannon.

I gave this final book in the series 4 out of 5 stars!

Tiger’s Quest by Colleen Houck (The Tiger Saga #2)

Published September 5, 2012 by crysbookreviews

Tiger’s Quest by Colleen Houck (Tiger’s Saga #2)

Back in Oregon, Kelsey tries to pick up the pieces of her life and push aside her feelings for Ren. But danger lurks around the corner, forcing her to return to India where she embarks on a second quest–this time with Ren’s dark, bad-boy brother Kishan, who has also fallen prey to the Tiger’s Curse. Fraught with danger, spellbinding dreams, and choices of the heart, TIGER’S QUEST brings the trio one step closer to breaking the spell that binds them. From Goodreads.

This is the second book in the series by Colleen Houck and it definitely didn’t disappoint me. It starts with Kelsey heading back to Oregon with Nilima. Once there she finds out that she has been compensated extremely well by whom she thinks is Mr. Kadam, of course she eventually finds out that it was Ren who bought the house, set up school and everything for her. Which was great and all but she was a little upset about all the things that he bought for her.

She tried so hard to move on in her life, I felt like she didn’t want to mope around because she wasn’t with Ren. So she started dating, of course her first date wasn’t exactly planned. He kind of just told her it was a date. Out of the three guys that she dated, I really like Li. He was such a sweetheart. Too bad her heart was already given away. Luckily Ren came to Oregon for Christmas.

I loved that he made her date not only him but Li and Jason. I also loved that he left notes about how much he loved her. I was surprised she lasted as long as she did without breaking up with the other 2 boys. Eventually she realized what a mistake she was making. This all happened in the beginning of the book. Kishan is asked to come to protect Kelsey with Ren because a picture got out with her name on it just in case Lokesh finds out where she is.

Now I know almost everyone is a Ren fan and want him and Kelsey to be together but honestly, I think I am a Kishan fan. Not only was he willing to do anything to make her happy, he would have gladly swapped positions with Ren to keep her happy. Not many guys would be willing to go through torture to keep a girl happy with another guy. So if you have read this book you know that Ren got taken by Lokesh and it about broke Kelsey.

When back in India they decided to look for the next gift from Durga to help break the curse but also to find out where Ren could possibly be. This time Kishan and Kelsey go through with it. They end up having to climb part of Mount Everest! At least she can say she climbed a portion of it before she dies. She is attacked by a bear and is dying when they find the Spirit Gate and end up in a paradise.  There they meet up with tree nymphs and Kishan sees not only the future but also something with Kelsey that makes him beyond happy.

They end up going through a lot of really hard “houses” to get the scarf. Once they go through the Iron birds and are safe, Kelsey dreams of Ren and tell him to do whatever he has too to stay alive and he does. Of course she doesn’t know what that entails, she doesn’t realize the consequences.

Now I am not going to tell you much more than what I have because I definitely recommend that you read this series, it is my favorite like I have said before. This was a great read. There was action, adventure, love, heartbreak, torture, and secrets.

I gave this book 6 out of 5 stars!

Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey (Jessica #1)

Published August 31, 2012 by crysbookreviews

Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey (Jessica #1)

The undead can really screw up your senior year …

Marrying a vampire definitely doesn’t fit into Jessica Packwood’s senior year “get-a-life” plan. But then a bizarre (and incredibly hot) new exchange student named Lucius Vladescu shows up, claiming that Jessica is a Romanian vampire princess by birth—and he’s her long-lost fiancé. Armed with newfound confidence and a copy of Growing Up Undead: A Teen Vampire’s Guide to Dating, Health, and Emotions, Jessica makes a dramatic transition from average American teenager to glam European vampire princess. But when a devious cheerleader sets her sights on Lucius, Jess finds herself fighting to win back her wayward prince, stop a global vampire war—and save Lucius’s soul from eternal destruction. From Goodreads.

This book was really cute and funny. I felt so bad for Jessica, all of a sudden she is learning that she is a vampire and that she is betrothed!!! I mean it is the 21st century and all but still, I am assuming the vampires are all old school, like super old school.

Of course being betrothed to a super hot vampire prince named Lucius? Not so bad, until you find out he is kind of a douche. I assume it was because of the way he was raised. You learn eventually how he was raised so it really makes a lot of sense. I loved how eventually Jessica/Anastasia realizes how she feels and tries to break up Lucius and her. Of course based on the name of the second book, you know it worked.

Meanwhile Jessica/Anastasia finds out what he really planned on doing to her once they got together. That scared her but because of stupid people he ends up leaving but she thinks he is dead. So she stays away from almost everyone in her school afterwards.  I am sure if guys in my high school tried to kill my boyfriend or betrothed, I wouldn’t exactly be rolling out the welcome mat.

I really enjoyed reading this book, the ending was a huge surprise which I won’t even hint at because you should read it.

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars!

The Mephisto Kiss by Trinity Faegen (The Mephisto Covenant #2)

Published August 23, 2012 by crysbookreviews

The eyes never lie. No one’s eyes are darker than Eryx. Not even the Devil’s.

When Jax and Sasha first see Jordan Ellis, they know she is no ordinary teenager. She’s the daughter of the President after all, but she’s also Anabo – a descendant of Eve.

What they don’t know is that Eryx plans to kidnap Jordan and force President Ellis to pledge his soul. If Eryx’s plot succeeds, the consequences would be catastrophic.

But the Mephisto brothers do know about Jordan’s secret identity. And for one of them, she could be the match that leads to their soul’s salvation.

Now it’s a desperate race against time to save Jordan and prevent Eryx’s haunting eyes from discovering her true identity.

A thrilling story of romance, danger, and intrigue, THE MEPHISTO KISS continues the marvelous mythology that began in THE MEPHISTO COVENANT. From Goodreads.

Honestly I was so so so happy when I got this book on my Netgalley. I loved the first one so much that I was so excited about the second book coming out.

I felt so bad for Jordan, learning everything that she had too and deciding to go through with being Mephisto so quickly because of what Eryx does to her. Of course you would think he would leave her alone after that but of course not. He made her live even worse then before. Luckily she has Sasha there to help her with her transformation. She also has Key.

I don’t want to give anything away because the book doesn’t come out until September 25th. But there are so many things that happen in the book, I can’t wait to read the third book because if it is about who I think it will be about, I am definitely going to cry throughout the book.

Eryx once again tries to get rid of the Anabo but this time he wants to keep her for himself and not let Key have her which just about breaks his heart. Key fights for her though, and of course you will find out if he gets her or not by reading the book.

I didn’t think it was possible for me to love this book more than the first one by Trinity but I definitely did.

I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars.


The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross (Steampunk Chronicles #1)

Published August 5, 2012 by crysbookreviews

The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross (Steampunk Chronicles #1)

In 1897 England, 16-year-old Finley Jayne is convinced she’s a freak. No normal Victorian girl has a darker side that makes her capable of knocking out a full-grown man with one punch. Only Griffin King sees the magical darkness inside her that says she’s special . . . that she’s one of “them.” From Goodreads.

Once again, there is a part of my heart that absolutely LOVES steampunk. I think it is the whole Victorian dresses but with edge that I love, but I like the automatons and everything else about that world. I like how she took an idea and made it completely her own.

I loved how strong Finley was even when she found out a horrible secret about her parents. I thought the whole possible love story between Finley and Griffin was cute, I really wanted them to be together but I know that things were different back then. Emilly was adorable in a strong independent woman way. She didn’t need any of the guys to protect her but Sam wanted to protect her no matter what.

I felt so bad for Sam when he found out that everything that he was saying to Leon, the guy he met in at the bar, was being used against him and his friends. He just wanted to vent to someone that as he says “wasn’t under Finley Jayne’s spell.” Especially after he felt he was betrayed by Griffin and Emily even though all they wanted to do was save him.

The whole story was amazing, automatons made to look like the Queen because the bad guy is angry that he was told he couldn’t announce to the world about “the little beasties” as Emily put them. So he figured that by ripping apart the team and making everyone suspicious of Finley no one would trust her and they wouldn’t have stood a chance against his army.

I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars!