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Devoted by Hilary Duff (Elixir #2)

Published August 15, 2012 by crysbookreviews

Devoted by Hilary Duff (Elixir #2)

Since Sage was kidnapped, Clea has no way of knowing if he is alive or dead. And even though she has only just discovered they were soulmates, she feels like a part of her is lost forever. What’s worse, she can’t even turn to her best friend Ben—because every time she looks at him, all she sees is his betrayal. But waiting for something to happen is not an option, so Clea is ready for action. Suffering through dreams of seeing Sage with another woman, she makes an uneasy alliance with Sage’s enemies and sets out to be reunited with Sage…in this life or the next. From Goodreads.

This was definitely faster paced then the first book of the trilogy. There were more secrets unveiled and more lies to help with the secrets. This time around there was another family that had taken some water from the Fountain of Youth, of course I won’t tell you what happened but what they need Sage for more than just breaking his soul mate bound with Clea.

Clea is upset because she can’t get over how Ben tried to protect her but ended up getting Sage caught and taken away from her. While she is on the run to find a group that want Sage just as much as she does but only to break the curse that doesn’t allow them to live past 30. She needs them to save him but everyone wants to kill him for his blood now.

Ben is trying to get over Clea and at the same time show penance for all the bad things in his lifetimes that he has done to her and Sage. Rayna wasn’t in this book too much but even though she is a big part in Clea’s life, she is going to school so she has to go and misses all the craziness that happens around Clea, Ben and Sage.

I didn’t think life could get more complicated but the end of the book showed me that the final book in the trilogy was going to be super complicated. If they were people in the real world I would honestly feel so much sympathy for them. I can’t wait to see what happens in the last book.

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars.


Elixir by Hilary Duff (Elixir #1)

Published August 15, 2012 by crysbookreviews

Elixir by Hilary Duff (Elixir #1)

Clea Raymond has felt the glare of the spotlight her entire life. The daughter of a renowned surgeon and a prominent Washington DC politician, she has grown to be a talented photojournalist who takes refuge in a career that allows her to travel to the most exotic parts of the world. But after Clea’s father disappears while on a humanitarian mission, Clea’s photos begin to feature eerie, shadowy images of a strange and beautiful man—a man she has never seen before.

When fate brings Clea and this man together, she is stunned by the immediate and powerful connection she feels with him. As they grow closer, they are drawn deep into the mystery behind her father’s disappearance, and they discover the centuries old truth behind their intense bond. Torn by a dangerous love triangle and haunted by a powerful secret that holds their fates, together they race against time to unravel their pasts in order to save their lives—and their futures. From Goodreads.

I had no plans on reading this book because I saw who wrote the book but I eventually caved because I did hear good things about it. After reading the book I can honestly say I am glad I changed my mind. Clea has a privileged life but she knows heartbreak like many don’t know until they are much, much older.

I liked how Sage was introduced to the story with the pictures. It was a very unique take on soul mates so I really enjoyed that. It was still insta-love but a little different because of the way everything happened in the past.

Clea has friends in Ben and Rayna. She has known Rayna her whole life and Ben for a few years now, since she started going around and doing photojournalism. She ends up in Brazil where she officially meets Sage. I am not sure how I felt about Sage in this book, it seemed kinda sad that they have had this epic love throughout the ages but it always ends up badly. But this time around he seems kinda horrible. I wanted them to have that moment that they eventually had before he was taken.

Ben was sweet; all he wanted to do was protect Clea. Of course life doesn’t always work the way we want it so he ends up with a broken heart. I felt bad when Clea chose Sage but I knew he would eventually get over it.

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars.